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New Zealand Dollar - NZD - Todays currency rates

This is todays British Pound rate - GBP - converted into todays New Zealand Dollar rate - NZD

1 British Pound =
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1.93 New Zealand Dollar NZD
100 British Pounds = 193.39 New Zealand Dollar NZD

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New Zealand Dollar Forex Forecasts: NZD/GBP, NZD/EUR, NZD/AUD Drop as ... - Exchange Rates UK

McDermott hinted that inflationary pressures may result in rate cuts—a move that caused the New Zealand Dollar exchange rate to drop. Additionally, the Trans Tasman currencies were offered little support from disappointing Chinese data. The Chinese ...

Transferring foreign currency back to New Zealand dollars no waiting game -

The high New Zealand dollar might be great news for online shoppers and kiwi travellers but it is proving a headache for those wanting to transfer cash back home. The kiwi dollar reached a three-month high against the United States dollar on April 17 ...

New Zealand dollar falls on rate brush-off - Financial Times

The New Zealand dollar fell on Thursday after a central bank policy maker surprised the market, saying a rate rise was not under consideration. John McDermott, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand's assistant governor, pointed to what he called temporary ...

Another cash rate cut needed for Australian-NZ dollar parity - Sydney Morning Herald

Like a surprise party where the guest of honour never shows up, the New Zealand dollar again failed to reach parity with the Aussie this week. By late Friday afternoon (AEST), the Australian dollar was valued at $NZ1.0292, up from a low of $NZ1.0047 ...

New Zealand dollar nears parity with Aussie -

THE New Zealand dollar has traded close to parity with the Australian dollar amid speculation weak Australian inflation data could push it through the historic milestone. The kiwi touched a record against the euro on concern about whether Greece will ...

The New Zealand Dollar's Big Moment - The Diplomat

New Zealanders visiting Australia have long struggled with the currency conversion rate. This may be a thing of the past, given that the New Zealand dollar is now, for the first time in decades, trading almost at parity with the Aussie dollar. At the ...

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