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New Zealand Dollar - NZD - Todays currency rates

This is todays British Pound rate - GBP - converted into todays New Zealand Dollar rate - NZD

1 British Pound =
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1.93 New Zealand Dollar NZD
100 British Pounds = 193.39 New Zealand Dollar NZD

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News For New Zealand Dollar

Pound to New Zealand Dollar: Strong Now, But June's Current Account Data Could Halt the Rally - Currency Watch

The GBP to NZD pair continues to make solid gains as the pound strengthens on a wave of positive poll results showing the UK is likely to vote to remain in the EU. This is currently leading to the pound recouping the losses suffered from Brexit fears ...

British Pound to New Zealand Dollar Forecast: Risk Appetite Bolsters NZD to GBP - Exchange Rates UK

Risk appetite continued to shore up the New Zealand Dollar exchange rates (NZD) in the wake of weaker-than-expected US PMIs, which seemed to lower the chances of the Fed opting to hike rates in June. Combined with the bearish response to the latest ...

GBP to New Zealand Dollar Forecast to Grind Higher, But Yield Should Keep NZD Losses Limited - Currency Watch

However, ANZ do warn that over the longer-term the NZD should continue to find latent support from New Zealand's superior interest rate. With a basic rate set at 2.0% New Zealand continues to attract foreign capital, particularly when you note the ...

NZ dollar falls as Fonterra forecast disappoints market - (press release)

May 26 (BusinessDesk) - The New Zealand dollar fell after Fonterra Cooperative Group gave a lower-than-expected opening forecast for the 2017 milk payout, which it said partly reflected a strong currency, stoking expectations the Reserve Bank will cut ...

NZ dollar falls -

May 24 (BusinessDesk) - The New Zealand dollar fell as traders continued to see the possibility of US interest rates rising next month after Federal Reserve officials said the June meeting was still live for a move, stoking demand for the greenback ...

NZ dollar hits 3-month low vs sterling - (press release)

May 26 (BusinessDesk) - The New Zealand dollar hit a three-month low against the British pound as confidence builds that the country will vote to remain in the European Union, allaying fears about the impact on the economy. The kiwi touched 45.83 ...

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