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New Zealand Dollar - NZD - Todays currency rates

This is todays British Pound rate - GBP - converted into todays New Zealand Dollar rate - NZD

1 British Pound =
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1.93 New Zealand Dollar NZD
100 British Pounds = 193.39 New Zealand Dollar NZD

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News For New Zealand Dollar

New Zealand Dollar Getting a Lot of Help Falling - Wall Street Journal

Authorities in New Zealand want their currency to fall. A confluence of global factors is helping to make that happen. The Kiwi dollar, as it is commonly known, was flying high as recently as three months ago, flirting with 30-year highs after the ...

Aus and NZ Dollar: Warnings That Both the AUD and NZD Dollars Are Oversold - Pound Sterling Live

The New Zealand dollar (NZD) has come under substantial pressure in global FX as we head into October ensuring the Australian dollar (AUD) remains off-limits in sympathy. The NZ dollar tumbled hard on the first trading day of the new week, dropping ...

Australian Dollar to New Zealand Dollar (AUD/NZD) Softer as Manufacturing ... - AUD News

The Australian Dollar has been trending lower versus the New Zealand Dollar (AUD/NZD) on Tuesday and is presently trending in the region of 1.1210. Both the Australian Dollar and the New Zealand Dollar have taken a tumble in the forex market in the ...

New Zealand dollar slumps again on dairy trade auction price drop -

Last night's global dairy price auction was another kick in the guts for the NZD, causing NZDUSD to drop almost 100 basis points. It was only saved from a more precipitous decline by disappointing economic data from the US which weighed on the USD side ...

NZ dollar drops to 13-month low - New Zealand Herald

The drop also came on the heels of Prime Minister John Key saying he'd prefer a weaker currency and picked 65 US cents as "Goldilocks" level - neither too high nor too low. The kiwi fell as low as 77.07 US cents, the lowest since Aug. 5 last year ...

NZ dollar quiet ahead of dairy auction -

CMC Markets New Zealand general manager Chris Smith said markets were hoping for at least a flat dairy auction overnight. A price drop would send the dollar lower. "Any surprise fall will see the New Zealand dollar break US77c and open up the doors to ...

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